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ADEPT (Trosa/Vagnhärad, Sweden)
Now adays based in Stockholm, but with their roots in Trosa/Vagnhärad. Adept throws a party and are back with two very exclusive Sweden shows at Trädgårn on 12 April and Münchenbryggeriet on 13 April.

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OUR HOLLOW, OUR HOME (Southampton, United Kingdom)
Probably one of the most talked about bands within UK Metalcore on the rise. Following a proud range of artists from their home country like BMTH and Architects, OHOH is coming to Sweden for the first time in April 2019.
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CHEMICAL VOCATION (Gothenburg, Sweden)
The Swedish legendary emo outfit Chemical Vocation is dead. However, the legacy lives on and what once was will shine again, live and twice in 2019. Don't miss the boys exclusive reunion in April. It's your only chance!
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AVIANA (Gothenburg, Sweden)
A new wave of Metalcore in Sweden is on the rise. Things always tend to get a magic touch on the west coast and Aviana is yet another product of the Metaltown progression. Catch them in Gothenburg on 12 April only.

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CRYSTAL LAKE (Tokyo, Japan)
One of the worlds most hyped breakthrough bands within Metalcore in 2018 according to many is finally coming to Sweden and Scandinavia, exclusively for the first time. Gothenburg, Stockholm then back to Tokyo.
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NORMANDIE (Stockholm, Sweden)
One of Swedens most recent talked about bands just released their latest album "White Flag" via Easy Life Records and played a celebrated release show in Stockholm. If you missed it, here's another chance!
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AWAKE THE DREAMER (Stockholm, Sweden)
Stockholm based Awake The Dreamer is set to release their debut album in early 2019. Will this be the first hometown show where you hear new songs maybe? Catch them in Stockholm on 13 April only.

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